Tattoo Removal Washington DC

David Green M.D.
Our medical services provided include: Sclerotherapy, Starlux Fractional Skin Resurfacing, Liposuction, Tattoo Removal, IPL Photo-Facials, Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Prevelle, Silk, and Laser Hair removal.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (301) 850-7350

Artisan Laser
Artisan Laser Skin Care Center provides, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, IPL photo facials, and tattoo removal.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (703) 878-4848

Center for Cosmetic Dermatology
Laser treatments can be highly effective in the removal of tattoos. There are several factors that can affect the success of the laser tattoo removal, including age of the tattoo, ink color, whether or not the tattoo was done professionally, patient’s skin type and depth of tattoo. Because tattoos come in many different colors, several types of laser systems may be used to eliminate them.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (703) 766-2220

Younger Image
Dr. Yousefi has performed several laser tattoo removal procedures for patients. His skill and artistry are unsurpassed, as are his efforts and desire to meet your specific goals in achieving excellent results.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (877) 500-7527

Monarch Medspa
At Monarch we use the Medlite C6 laser, which is widely regarded as the finest tattoo removal laser available. Our specialists at Monarch Med Spa will assess your case and tell you if this procedure is right for you. You owe it to yourself to at least get the facts from professionals who care. We offer free consultations in any one of our 5 convenient locations.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (410) 252-2391

The Center for Laser Surgery
The Center for Laser Surgery is Washington's recognized expert in laser tattoo removal with over 15 years experience in the removal of decorative, cosmetic, and traumatic tattoos. Previously, patients desiring tattoo removal always traded their tattoo for a significant scar. With the advent of state-of-the-art Q-Switched laser systems available at The Center For Laser Surgery tattoos are now easily removed with little or no scarring.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 966-8814

Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery
Laser tattoo removal is the safest, quickest and the most likely to leave your skin intact following treatment. Other treatment options are surgical excision, chemical peel and traditional dermabrasion. These various treatment options are invasive treatment methods and often result in scarring.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (410) 465-3600

Skin Cosmetic Dermatology of Georgetown
Our cosmetic medical lasers are designed to eradicate tattoos range from a single wavelength of light to a broad spectrum of light, all of which are intended to remove the ink in the tattoo without damaging the skin. Certain colors of light are absorbed by specific colors of the tattoo ink. The light energy vaporizes or fragments the ink particles. Your body then absorbs these ink fragments naturally and the color fades over the next couple of weeks. This treatment is similar to treatment that has been done for years to treat birthmarks.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (202) 298-7546

Crystal lume Medical Spa
Services includes Silk Peel Microdermabrasion * Laser Hair Removal * Gentle Touch Electrolysis * Varicose/Spider Vein Treatment * Pigmentation Removal * Skinprint * Skin Rejuvenation * Botox * Dermal Fillers * Acne Treatment * Tattoo Removal * PhotoFacials * Chemical Peel * Hormone Replacement Therapy * Physician Supervised Weight Loss Program * Bridal/Event Services * Therapeutic Massage * Packages.
Location : Washington, DC
Phone : (301) 418-6060