Top Torrance Tattoo Removal

Coast Dermatology
Coast Dermatology specializes in the treatment of skin, hair and nails and the removal of skin cancers and atypical moles. A UVA phototherapy unit is available to treat severe cases of psoriasis.
Location : Torrance, CA
Phone : 310-373-2636

Celibre Medical
We are one of the few pure Los Angeles and Orange County laser dermatology facilities. Because of our depth of experience in laser dermatology (over 28 years in practice) and the breadth of technology we possess, we are able to choose the very best laser for your particular condition.
Location : Torrance, CA
Phone : 800-958-8602

Tattoo Removal Center
We strive to help as many people as possible remove their tattoos, and feel uplifted, not financially burdened by the experience. Our commitment to our patients - provide them with the best laser technology & individualized care possible, at a price anyone can afford.
Location : Torrance, CA
Phone : 877-828-3233