Tattoo Removal San Diego

Tattoo Removal Laser Clinic
Our clinic is exclusively focused on laser tattoo removal. We are medical professionals and have performed thousands of laser removal procedures using state of the art FDA-approved lasers. For specific information about your tattoo(s), a private consultation is required.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : 858.272.2021

Dermatology and Laser Center
Services includes Acne, Skin Cancer Treatment, Scar treatments, Chemical Peels, Melasma, Birthmarks, Mohs Micrographic Surgery, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Resurfacing, Tattoo Removal, Cosmetic Procedures, Restylane, Juvederm, Facial Rejuvenation, Botox, Liposculpture and Sclerotherapy Spider veins.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : 619-298-9535

LaserAway, already a leader in Southerna California’s laser hair removal and tattoo removal markets, plans to develop itself as an industry leader in cosmetic and facial aesthetics with the help of Beverly Hills-based Dr Shalini Kapoor.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (619) 295-2929

Kayou Clinic
We use only the latest Laser technology to accentuate and enhance the body's natural processes for truly amazing results. * Laser Hair Removal * Tattoo Removal * Laser Vein Removal
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (619) 447-1502

Academic & Aesthetic Dermatology
We specialize in medical, surgical, and laser treatment of all types of skin, hair, and nail disorders. Cosmetic Dermatology: * Hair Removal * Microdermabrasion * Chemical Peel * Liposuction * Glycolic Acid Facial Peels * Permanent Eyeliner * Retin-A * Spider and Varicose Veins * Hair Transplantation * Rogaine for Hair Loss * Collagen and Fibrel for Wrinkles and Scars * Tattoo Removal * Facial and Eyelid Rejuvenation * CoolSpot * Skin Resurfacing * Photo Aging
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (858) 292-7525

Dermatology & Laser of Del Mar
Laser surgery uses highly focused and powerful beams of light energy to perform precise, non-invasive surgical procedures. Each laser pulse is no more painful than a snapping of a rubber band against the skin. For Tattoo removal/brown spots our Alexlazr provides fast, powerful, effective removal of tattoos, liver spots, and other skins lesions.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (858) 350-7546

Pousti Plastic Surgery of San Diego
If you have a tattoo that you want removed, then laser tattoo removal is for you. The laser works on the ink of the tattoo to get the color out. The laser has different wavelengths that work on multicolored tattoos. It takes 3-6 sessions for tattoos to fade - each tattoo is different.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (619) 466-8851

La Jolla Dermatology
The removal of a tattoo is as unique as the tattoo and the person wearing it. The depth and color of the tattoo will determine how Dr. Stuart uses the laser for removal. During your initial consultation at La Jolla Dermatology, Dr. Stuart will examine your tattoo and your skin tone and texture to determine the proper laser tattoo removal regimen for your desired results. It is important to understand that laser tattoo removal takes many treatments spread out over intervals of 4 to 6 weeks so a full regimen can take from 8 months to a year.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (858) 623-6333