Tattoo Removal Phoenix

Paradise Valley Dermatology
Dr. Mark Blair, Board Certified Dermatologist is multi-dimensional, addressing both the aesthetic and medical aspects of dermatology. His trusting and interactive approach gives patients the feeling of empowerment and involves them in their care. Laser technology is a non-invasive form of cosmetic surgery that does not require a hospital stay and can be preformed in a short amount of time. Basically the laser treats damaged areas on the skin by vaporizing superficial layers. We have several different laser products that can help skin tightening, lessen the look of scars, smooth out skin pigmentation differences and remove tattoos.
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Phone : (602) 971-0950

Understanding Women
Dr. Keri Sweeten has focused her time, energy, and unique talents in devising and providing quality-of-life procedures for women. Her practice, Understanding Women is, in her words, “all about helping women to empower themselves to look and feel their best, inside and out.” Dr. Sweeten offers the following quality-of-life procedures: Stopflo, Essure, Menopause Treatments, and Incontinence treatments. We Treat Cellulite/Stubborn areas of Fat, Wrinkles, Pigment Imperfections/Age Spots, Smile Lines/Crows Feet, Discolored Teeth, Rosacea/Redness, Sundamaged skin, Tired appearance, Acne/Enlarged pores, Acne scarring, Stretch marks, Spider/leg veins, Radial lip lines, Tattoos, Sweaty armpits, Unwanted Hair/Razor Bumps, Irregular body anatomy, Deterioration, Deflation, and Damage.
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Phone : (602) 393-0661

Arizona Laser and Skin
Services: Acupuncture, Botox Injection, Carboxytherapy, Chemical Peels, Cosmelan Depigmentation, Dermal Fillers (Juvederm/Radiesse), Diamond Wire Mini Lift, IPL Photo Facial, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Tightening, Laser Treatment for Acne, Laser Vein Treatment, LED Blue/Red Light Therapy, Medical Grade Microdermabrasion, MesoGlow, Mesotherapy, PhotoDynamic Skin Rejuvenation with Levulan, Portrait Skin Regeneration, RadioFrequency Skin Tightening, Silhouette Thread Lift, Specialty Facials, Tattoo Removal, VIP Package, and Zoom! II Teeth Whitening.
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Phone : 480-598-9733