Tattoo Removal Ottawa

At Laserderm, world renowned dermatologist and laser skin specialist Dr. Sharyn Laughlin masterfully blends clinical dermatology with the art and science of cutaneous lasers for optimal patient care. Pigmented lesions that can be treated at Laserderm: * Tattoos (professional or amateur) * Freckles * Sun spots (lentigoes) * Age spots * Melasma * Congenital nevi and various benign brown colored birthmarks * Nevus of Ota * Pigmentation from sun damage
Location : Ottawa, ON
Phone : (613) 722-4436

Cosmetic Laser Studio
Tattoo Removal by Laser is one of the services we are very proud of. A few treatments and thats all it takes to be rid of a mark that maybe you put on yourself when you were young and now is not appropriate, or you want to modify a tattoo. Whatever the reason for removing it we are here to help you. Come in for a free consultation.
Location : Ottawa, ON
Phone : (613) 282-1256

Future Skin
Offers Tattoo, Piercing, Bodymodification, Laser Tattoo Removal, And Supplies.
Location : Ottawa, ON
Phone : (613) 562-8282

Advanced Laser Clinic
At ALC, we do more than just provide a laser hair removal service, we educate our clients on the intricate process of hair growth, and help them to understand the process of permanent hair reduction, and what they need to do in order to optimize their results, to achieve a true value of their treatments. At ALC, Client satisfaction is our number one priority.
Location : Ottawa, ON
Phone : (613) 749-4000