Tattoo Removal Los Angeles

Tattoo MD Laser Clinic & Medi-Spa
Now, more than ever, you have choices when it comes to laser tattoo removal and cosmetic skin treatments. Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality and still make it affordable. Dr. Kaplan, the medical director of Tattoo MD, and his expert staff of professionals are dedicated to building relationships with each of of our patients based on trust, service and caring. We welcome you to explore our website and learn more about the range of services we provide.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (310)-312-1231

LaserAway, already a leader in Southerna California’s laser hair removal and tattoo removal markets, plans to develop itself as an industry leader in cosmetic and facial aesthetics with the help of Beverly Hills-based Dr Shalini Kapoor.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (310) 823-2929

Dr. TattOff
At Dr. TattOff we call ourselves the laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal experts, and it's true! Our Medical Director, Dr. Will Kirby, is considered one of the foremost knowledgeable doctors on laser procedures in the world. Our medical staff is trained under strict supervision and not allowed to perform procedures until we've approved their skill level. Our clinic staff is dedicated to providing you with the most convenient and comfortable experience possible.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (888) 828-8633

Our Candela AlexLAZR treats a variety of tattoo pigments including black, blue, and green as well as other pigmented lesions like freckles, sun and age spots. The AlexLAZR's 755nm wavelength maximizes beam penetration providing optimal results in the treatment of deeper pigmented lesions like Nevus of Ota.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (310) 247-0337

Laser Institute
Q-Switched Ruby Laser to lighten brown spots, freckles and dark tattoo pigments. Selectively removes brown spots on the face, chest, back and hands as well as brown birthmarks.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (310) 828-2282