Tattoo Removal Long Island

Long Island Plastic Surgical Group & MedNet Technologies, Inc.

The YAG laser greatly reduces or removes brown age spots, “liver spots,” freckles and other brown birthmarks. It is also very effective in significantly lightening or removing a wide variety of tattoo inks.
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Verve Medical Cosmetics
Now there's a medical solution to help you get rid of your tattoo using the latest advanced laser tattoo removal technology. Visit verve for a free consultation with Dr. Bracci to learn more about the laser tattoo removal technology and procedure. During your free laser tattoo removal consultation, Dr. Bracci will review with you the medical laser procedure for laser tattoo removal and help you develop a personalized treatment plan aimed at achieving optimal results in the removal of your tattoo.
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South Nassau Dermatology, P.C.
We have Medlite Q-switched YAG Laser for Tattoo Removal and Laser Removal of Pigmented Lesions. This laser allows patients to have brown spots -- including freckles, age spots, and liver spots on the face, hands, arms and chest -- removed usually in one treatment with little or no downtime and virtually no risk of scarring. It is among the most sophisticated lasers for treatment of brown spots available in the world, as well as among the safest and most effective treatment for tattoo removal. Tattoo removal generally takes multiple treatment sessions. Results can leave virtually no evidence of previous tattoo placement.
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New York Cosmetic, Skin & Laser Surgery Center
The number of treatments required to remove a tattoo depends upon several factors including size, location, the individual's healing process, how the tattoo was applied, and length of time it has been on the skin. A tattoo performed by a more experienced tattoo artist, for example, may be easier to remove since the pigment is evenly injected in the same level of the skin. A tattoo that has been on the skin for a considerable length of time may be more difficult to remove than a new one.
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Riverchase Dermatology
Riverchase Dermatology offers state of the art laser tattoo removal technology to remove unwanted tattoos as well as lightening existing tattoos in preparation of covering them with a new tattoo. Riverchase Dermatology believes the first step individuals should take to remove an unwanted tattoo is to educate themselves on the types of laser tattoo removal technologies available today. Riverchase Dermatology takes time and pride in offering customers a free consultation and going over all available options.
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Pocono Medical Care Advanced Dermatology Surgery Center
For many, a tattoo is a permanent reminder of a temporary emotion. The MedliteTM Laser Series can make this permanent reminder disappear if regrets occur. Today’s tattoos come in all shapes, colors and sizes, HOYA ConBio offers a system that can help your patients. The high energy, pulsed technology allows the tattoo to be treated with minimal risk of scarring and less discomfort than other laser treatment. The MedliteTM is the laser of choice for advanced tattoo removal.
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