Tattoo Removal Houston

LoneStar Laser Clinic
LoneStar Laser Clinic with certified licensed tattoo removal specialist has locations in Austin, San Antonio & Houston Texas. With expertise using state of the art laser for safe, effective & affordable removal. At LoneStar Laser Clinic, our mission is to provide laser tattoo removal that is safe, effective, convenient, and affordable. We are laser tattoo removal specialists. Be assured that when you come to our comfortable clinic, you will find that we are dedicated to meeting your needs. Whether you have knowledge about laser tattoo removal or you are educating yourself, we are here to help you. We utilize the most state of the art technology and have the best trained, licensed and certified laser technicians in Central Texas. Our understanding and expertise allows us to safely remove unwanted tattoos or fad old tatts to have new art put on. In fact, we are confident that with the experience and technology that we have, we will guarantee the results we promise.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (512) 637-5277

Houston Laser Tattoo Removal
With more than 30,000 tattoos removed, and over 300,000 laser procedures performed with no scarring and no pain, Whitney Broach has more experience than any other tattoo removal specialist in Houston.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (281) 277-7777

New Look Laser Tattoo Removal
We are Houston’s expert in effective tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal is the only treatment that we perform at New Look, and we complete more tattoo removal procedures than any other provider in Texas. We offer a free consultation and use the latest technology to remove your unwanted tattoo. Our professional medical staff is specially educated and experienced in tattoo removal to give you the best results for Houston tattoo removal.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (713) 783-2000

Town & Country Plastic Surgery
The tattoo you got on a whim doesn't have to stay with you for life! The Polymar Q-YAG 5 System can painlessly remove tattoos of all sizes and ink colors. The Palomar Q-YAG 5 System is a high-powered laser that removes unwanted tattoos and pigmented lesions (sunspots, freckles, etc.). It emits a highly focused beam of laser light, which passes harmlessly through the outer layer of the skin and is absorbed primarily by the tattoo ink or the excess pigment within the lesion.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (713) 467-4007

Th'Ink Twice
Laser tattoo removal costs $49 per square inch ($99 for your first visit) with free consultation.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (713) 661-3600

Medispa Institute
At the Medispa Institute, we strive to provide excellent service and products to meet our client’s skin care needs. The medical spa offers state-of-the-art laser and light-based treatments to remove unwanted hair, treat age spots, acne, birthmarks, uneven pigmentation, unwanted tattoos and much more. Our spa offers aesthetic treatments such as facials, chemical peels, and diamond peel crystal-free microdermabrasian to enhance your skin so that you will maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. The Medispa Institute offers state-of-the-art, FDA approved laser tattoo removal using the Medlite C6 device, the fastest and most powerful laser on the market. This laser has been voted the best tattoo removal laser in the industry by several independent sources and is safe to use on all skin types.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (832) 300-5593

The Aesthetic Surgery Center of Houston
We have plastic surgery procedures, tattoo removal, laser services and skin care solutions.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (281) 444-5172

Bella Rosa
Effectively treat red and dark ink tattoos, including black. Laser tattoo removal involves a highly focused beam of laser light passing harmlessly through the outer layer of skin and absorbed primarily by the tattoo ink. As the light is absorbed, it is quickly converted to heat. The sudden rise in temperature within the treatment target fractures the ink or pigment into tiny particles. The tattoo ink fragments are carried away by the lymphatic system. The world-class Q-Switched laser technology used by the Bella Rosa Beauty for Life program allows the tattoo to be treated with minimal scarring or skin pigment changes and with less discomfort than other laser treatments.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (713) 794-0368

Nuviderm Fade and Tattoo Removal
Nuviderm tattoo removal is a safe, effective, non-laser tattoo removal treatment that will permanently fade and remove your tattoo-Guaranteed! The cost of Laser tattoo removal is approximately 10 times the cost of the original tattoo. Pre-fading a tattoo at home with Nuviderm before undergoing Laser tattoo removal can save up to 60% on the cost of Laser removal. A NuvidermTCA home faded tattoo will require fewer Laser treatments and will result in a less painful Laser treatment because faded ink requires less heat absorption to "break apart" or vaporize the ink. A NuvidermTCA pre-faded tattoo will likely have a shorter recovery time after Laser surgery because a pre-faded tattoo is easier to remove. Less ink in the skin means less ink to remove and less time under the Laser. Less time under the Laser means money in your pocket.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (800) 921-4572

Esta Kronberg, M. D.
We can remove tattoos with a Laser. The light shatters the pigment to get rid of the color. It takes 6- 10 treatments. You can do the treatments 1 to 2 months apart. All laser procedures are performed by Dr. Kronberg. Dr. Kronberg donates time and personal expense to help the Houston Police Department and Harris County get kids out of gangs by removing their tattoos.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (713) 771-8941