Tattoo Removal Edmonton

Rethink Your Ink
We use the most effective tattoo removal laser on the market: the Medlite C6. The high energy, pulsed technology of the Medlite C6 allows the tattoo to be treated with minimal risk of scarring and less discomfort than other laser treatment. The state-of-the-art Medlite is the laser of choice for advanced tattoo removal.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (866) 948-5952

Edmonton Laser Centre
Most common areas of treatment are the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back, hands, kness and elbows. Area of concern which may be treated include: Face and body peeling, Lined, wrinkled or sun-damaged skins, Dull, congested, thick or blemished skins, Active acne, Scar revision, Hyperpigmentation, Stretch marks, General dermabrasion and Tattoo removal
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (780) 485-2000

Midwest Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Centre
Laser procedures are available for a variety of conditions including: the removal of tattoos, reduction in the appearance of scarring, the treatment of spider veins, the removal and smoothing of moles, the treatment of brown and red vascular skin discolorations and more.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (780) 469-4704

Cosmetic Laser Centre
Tattoo Removal by Laser is one of the services we are very proud of. A few treatments and thats all it takes to be rid of a mark that maybe you put on yourself when you were young and now is not appropriate, or you want to modify a tattoo. Whatever the reason for removing it we are here to help you. Come in for a free consultation.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (613) 282-1256