Tattoo Removal Detroit

Erase The Ink M.D.
Welcome to Erase the Ink M.D. the premier Laser Tattoo Removal center in the Detroit area. At Erase the Ink M.D. , you'll be under a doctor's care and supervision throughout the laser tattoo removal process. We love great tattoos, but when they have to come off we'll be here.
Location : Rochester Hills, Michigan
Phone : (248) 844-6243

Dr. Gregory C. Roche, and MedNet Technologies, Inc.
Different lasers are required for removing different colors of tattoos. Dr. Roche owns and utilizes the most advanced laser systems. A multi wavelength approach to tattoos is possible utilizing our large array of lasers. Medical lasers utilize an intense beam of light to significantly lighten the tattoo with each treatment. The light energy may be delivered as a continuous wave of light, or in pulses, depending upon the treatment and the type of laser utilized. When the ink particles of the tattoo absorb the light from the laser, they are broken up into smaller fragments. These fragments are then absorbed by your body's white blood cells and carried away by your body's natural cleansing mechanism. The cleansing process usually takes four to six weeks. Pigment that is deeper in the dermis and more concentrated will require numerous treatments to remove.
Location : Detroit, MI
Phone : (248) 338-1110

Skin & Vein
With 3 offices in Michigan, Skin & Vein is proud to offer both men and women the most advanced techniques in cosmetic and laser surgery, vein treatments, laser tattoo removal, liposuction, laser hair removal, skin care and general dermatology. We encourage you to explore our website, telephone us with your questions, or better yet, arrange an appointment to come in for a consultation.
Location : Detroit, MI
Phone : (586) 291-1025

Eternal Tattoos Inc.
We performs laser tattoo removal at our howel location to make your tattoo removal a much better experience.
Location : Detroit, MI
Phone : (517) 540-6055

Frederick V. Minkow, M.D.
At Bloomfield Laser I have been removing tattoos and brown spots since 1995 using YAG and Alexandrite lasers. I have personally removed tattoos and brown spots from over 2,000 people. The advent of Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser is the newest system in this class of lasers. The Medlite can significantly lighten or remove a wide variety of tattoo inks. We also have the Alexandrite Laser that is helpful to use to remove colors that are resistant to the YAG Laser.
Location : Detroit, MI
Phone : (248) 332-8391

American Pride Tattoo
American Pride Tattoo has Board Certified Physician, Dr. Robert Levine on staff to perform laser tattoo removal procedures. At American Pride Tattoos, we offer laser removal services under the direct guidance and application of board-certified and licensed physicians experienced in such procedures. The removal is completed onsite in our office at your convenience, meaning that you save the time and hassle of a more crowded clinic or hospital. That doesn't even begin to include the money you save. Our laser tattoo removal services are affordably priced to allow everyone access to professional and safe tattoo removal. We offer flexible financing packages as well.
Location : Detroit, MI
Phone : (248) 591-0100

Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery
We own the state-of-the-art Q-Yag-5 laser for tattoo removal. This laser has direct operator control through the hand piece, offering precise, faster, and more comfortable treatment sessions. The laser works by directing an intense beam of light at a particular color of the tattoo, causing it to break into multiple small fragments which are taken away by the body’s defense cells. With the precise control of this laser, the skin is rarely broken.
Location : Detroit, MI
Phone : (734) 971-0262

Drs. Iacobelli & DiGregorio, P.C.
Our Dermatology practice offers removal of tattoos, birth marks, port wine stains, and other unsightly skin conditions.
Location : Detroit, MI
Phone : (586) 263-7200

Body Creations
Our laser services include hair removal, cellulite reduction, scars / stretch marks, tattoo, IPL photo facial and vein removal.
Location : Detroit, MI
Phone : (888) 808-2639

Michigan Laser Centers
Services We Offer: Laser Hair Removal, Vein Removal, Electrolysis, Botox, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Tattoo Removal, Professional Skin Consultations and IPL Photo Facials
Location : Detroit, MI
Phone : (248) 932-3400

Derma MedSpa
Dr. Mohamed has achieved some notable firsts in Cosmetic Medicine. He was one of the first practitioners to introduce NXT Thermage to the Detroit-Metro and Mid-Michigan area. Recognized as one of North America’s top Thermage practitioners, Dr. Mohamed continues to be on the leading edge of effective body Thermage treatments.
Location : Detroit, MI
Phone : (248) 203-1920