Tattoo Removal Denver

The tattoo removal method used at ink-b-gone is the award-winning Medlite C6 laser, which is known in the industry as the 'best of the best' and produces great results with minimal treatments. And our Certified Laser Specialists are best-of-class and received certification from the Nation's top accredited laser college.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 777-5795

Dermatology and Laser Institute of Colorado
Our Laser & Cosmetic includes Botox, Fillers, Restylane, Radiesse, Juvéderm plus the most comprehensive laser selection in metro Denver—Affirm, Thermage, Portrait Plasma, hair and tattoo removal.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (720) 344-5252

Tattoo Must Go
Tattoo Must Go is a leading provider of affordable tattoo removal in Denver, Loveland, and all along the Front Range. We invite you to contact us for a free initial consultation. We provide laser tattoo removal utilizing the latest technology to reduce your discomfort and use your time efficiently. We also offer permanent makeup removal, and specialize in eyebrows and other facial accents. Our technicians are all Certified Laser Specialists. Laser removal is the least painful method available for removing tattoos. A free consultation with our Certified Laser Specialists will allow you to ask questions and help you completely understand the process of removing your unwanted tattoo.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 781-8181

Centennial Cosmetic Surgery Center
In addition to Board Certified Physicians, Centennial Cosmetic Surgery Center offers a licensed Paramedical esthetician to perform microdermabrasions, hair removal, tattoo removal and develop custom skin care programs based on our line of effective therapeutic skin care products. Medical Dermatology services including skin exams, treatment of precancerous lesions and removal of skin cancers using Mohs Macrographic surgery, Psoriasis, patch testing, and problem acne cases are also available.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 791-0410