Tattoo Removal Cincinnati

Rejuvenate Aethetic Laser Center
Laser Treatments for: - Hair Removal - Vein Treatments - Facial Rejuvenation - Scars & Stretchmarks - Age/Sun Spots - Acne/Acne Scars - Portrait Skin Regeneration - Freckles/Moles/Warts - Birthmarks - Collagen Rebuilding - Facial Fitness - Rosacea - Tattoo Removal
Location : Cincinnati, OH
Phone : (513) 755-9598

The Dermatology Laser and Vein Center
The Dermatology Laser and Vein Center of Cincinatti uses a Q-switched 532 Nd Yag laser and a Q-switched 1064 Nd Yag laser to temove your tattoos. Each laser targets different colors of tattoo ink. These lasers safely penetrates to all dermal layers necessary for comprehensive removal of tattoos, including professional or amateur tattoos; multi-colored or monochromatic tattoos; and all types of ink.
Location : Cincinnati, OH
Phone : (513) 985-9885

Loftus Plastic Surgery Center
Laser removal has become the treatment of choice. Laser Tattoo Removal lasers target tattoo ink and rapidly heat it. Heat causes ink to expand and break up into smaller particles. These smaller particles are more easily absorbed by the body.
Location : Cincinnati, OH
Phone : (513) 793-4000

Cosmetic Laser Surgery Institute
Offers Laser Hair Removal; Tattoo Removal ; Mesotherapy; Thermage non-surgical face lift ; Spider Vein Removal; Varicose Vein Removal ; Facial Line and Wrinkle Removal; Crows Feet & Eye Wrinkle Removal; Wart Removal; Birthmark Removal ; Facial Resurfacing; Botox Injections; Stretch Mark Treatment; Freckles Laser Treatment; Sun Damage Laser Treatment; Collagen Injections; Age Spot Removal; Skin Lesions; Chemical Peels; Acne Treatment; Mole Removal; Skin Graft Revision; Eye Lid Surgery.
Location : Cincinnati, OH
Phone : (513) 221-1111

Tattoo MD
For our laser tattoo removal clients, we have 2 different kinds of dedicated lasers for tattoo removal alone, including both an Nd:YAG as well as a Ruby laser. This combination of lasers singles out Tattoo MD as a unique laser center that uses specialized technology and experienced staff to give you the best possible tattoo removal result.
Location : Cincinnati, OH
Phone : (310) 312-1231

Our reputation created a huge demand for our services, and just two years later we've expanded to five locations throughout Southern California. We offer the most advanced laser hair and tattoo removal, skin care and anti-aging procedures available. The best part is, rather than raise our prices we built more locations while continuing to recruit the industry's most elite Medical Staff.
Location : Cincinnati, OH
Phone : (310) 823-2929