Tattoo Removal Chicago

Ritacca Laser and Cosmetic Center
The laser works by light bouncing back and forth in between mirrors and lenses, increasing the strength with each cycle. When the beam of light is at the desired power it is released. The laser beam causes a carefully controlled burn that can be used for the following procedures. * Laser Hair Removal * Laser Tattoo Removal
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (847) 367-8815

Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery Institute
Chicago Tattoo Removal uses only the most up-to-date lasers. Currently, the state of the art is the Versapulse C with Help-G laser. This is the ultimate 21st century laser; absolutely the most sophisticated and state of the art for laser surgery.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (312) 266-8765

Advanced Cosmetic Laser and Surgery Center
With Advanced technology and skilled hands, the Board Certified Dermatologists of the Advanced Cosmetic Laser and Surgery Center provide a full spectrum of services and procedures, including: * Liposculpture * Laser and Photodynamic Treatment of Acne * Laser Wrinkle Removal * Laser Facial Rejuvenation * Laser Treatment of Rosacea * Laser Scar Reduction * Laser Spider Vein Removal * Laser Removal of Vascular Birthmarks * Laser Tattoo Removal * Laser Hair Removal * Laser Removal of Age Spots and Freckles * Microdermabrasion * Sclerotherapy for Leg Veins * Contour Threads * Botox Cosmetic, Restylane, Radiesse and Collagen Treatment of Wrinkles * Thermage Radiofrequency Tissue Tightening ...and many more.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (630) 357-7536

Stanley J. Kovak M.D.
Laser tattoo removal is the safest, quickest and most likely to leave your skin intact following treatment. Other treatment options are surgical excision, chemical peel and traditional dermabrasion. These various treatment options are invasive treatment methods and often result in scarring.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (877) 375-6825

George Papas Tattoo
Tattooing, and Bodypiercing. Laser Tattoo and Hair Removal. Cosmetic Tattooing.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (773) 764-7757

La Piel Perfecta
La Piel Perfecta is a laser center located in Melrose Park, IL. Our services include Laser Hair Removal, Laser Vein Removal, Botox, Collagen, Endermologie, MicroLaserPeel, Restylane, Radiesse, Messotherapy, Tatoo Removal, Laser Teeth Whitening, Microdermabrasion and more.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (708) 615-7546

Center for Dermatology & Skin Cancer
Using our advanced laser system, we can remove your tattoo safely without leaving a scar. Tattoo removal by Infrared Coagulation uses infrared light to reach the skin layer that contains the tattoo’s ink. The treated area may blister, depending on the color of the ink. However, all colors respond to infrared coagulation.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (630) 964-2000